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Operational Formation & Reengineering

Building and developing operations is at the heart of our firm's DNA.  Whether your organization is a start-up or an established component of a multi-national firm, we have the experience and insight to complete that work using a proven and mature approach.  Initially, we work closely with our clients to understand their current and long-term strategic vision and what "success" truly looks like.  We then define the resources, processes, and technology best suited to meet those goals.  Through a series of measured, incremental phases we build and/or reengineer the operation to rapidly meet its intended future state.  

Practitioner Engagement & Administration Solutions

For over 15 years, we have helped numerous healthcare organizations transform and consolidate their practitioner administrative functions (recruitment, employment, credentialing/privileging, appointment, payer enrollment, OPPE/FPPE, and Peer Review) into high-functioning, NCQA accredited service centers that simplify, integrate, and automate these processes.  This work results in substantial improvements in initial onboarding and enrollment cycle time, revenue cycle initiation, elimination of redundant processes, simplified reappointment, enhanced compliance, and high levels of practitioner satisfaction.  

Telehealth Adoption and Integration

Telehealth is transforming the delivery of healthcare by eliminating distance-based barriers to patient engagement, specialty consultation, and community outreach.  Healthcare organizations, employers, educational systems, and other organizations are rapidly adopting these technologies to lower costs, improve utilization, simplify routine patient engagement, and extend services to traditionally underserved areas.  Tenon assists its clients by working to integrate telehealth technologies and services into their overall care delivery and growth strategies. 

Digital Marketing & CRM Solutions

The effective use of digital marketing and CRM technology are paramount to an effective lead generation and sales execution strategy.  Tenon works with its clients to develop solutions appropriate for the state and stage of a business, its offerings, and the markets it intends to serve.  We have over 17 years of experience developing these solutions across several industries for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 firms.   

Investor Solutions

In addition to our general management and operations consulting services, Tenon can provide investors with services tailored to their pre and post-closing needs.  This includes operational and technical due diligence, market and competitive research, integration support, executive, sales, marketing, and technical team recruiting/development, and interim C-level leadership.

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