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The following outlines a sampling of successful engagements focused on addressing complex objectives. 

Automate the Operations of a Major Locum Tenens Provider

Our firm was hired to assess and then implement a solution to fully automate the prospecting-to-placement functions for a major Locum Tenens firm.  Our work leveraged a CRM platform to provide the core infrastructure and then implemented the necessary automation and workflows to fully transform the business.  The firm enjoyed a substantial growth stage thereafter and was ultimately acquired.  

Create a Centralized Credentialing Operation for the US Army Reserve

Tenon was hired to develop a global practitioner credentialing and mobilization support center for the US Army Reserve's 11,500 healthcare practitioners.  As the firm had successfully performed similar work in the private sector, we leveraged our background, experience, and process knowledge to transition the credentialing activities from 232 units to a fully automated, centralized processing facility located in the Atlanta area.   The centralization effort not only drastically improved the overall process, it reduced operational costs by millions of dollars and substantially improved practitioner readiness.

Create a Metropolitan-level Response to a Bioterrorism Attack

Public Health officials faced a major problem:  In the case of an anthrax or other bioterrorism-oriented attack, how could they dispense millions of doses of pharmaceutical countermeasures to the residents of an entire metropolitan area within 24 hours?  Tenon, in conjunction with Business Executives for National Security, led an initiaitive that brought together a number of large companies who could volunteer their resources and work with public health organizations to stand-up, operate, and complete dispensing activities across a major metropolitan area.  The model was originally developed in Georgia, tested in several other states, and became the framework for the CDCs overall response methodology.

Develop a Commercial SaaS Platform to Automate Practitioner Credentialing

Credentialing and privileging are mandated processes that ensure a healthcare practitioner can competently deliver care within a specific clinical setting.  The data set surrounding these process is highly complex and unstructured. Following the development of several custom technology solutions for our clients, Tenon developed a SaaS platform and suite of applications that addressed this complexity using a stack consisting of MongoDB, an AI-like rules engine, REST APIs, C#, and HTML-5.  The result yielded a platform that unified the credentialing requirements for a practitioner across all facilities, payers, and networks and delivered the information each required in the form and substance that they uniquely required.

Develop a Practitioner Administration Outsourcing Business for the National Guard

Building on our earlier work with the Army Reserve, the National Guard partnered with Tenon to develop a truly public/private solution that would eliminate the impedances credentialing and privileging placed on practitioner readiness.  Our firm developed a high functioning BPO business that centralized and automated credentialing, privileging, and mobilization support activities for all 54 state-level National Guard organizations.  The firm was awarded the Surgeon General's Excalibur Award for the impact the program had on practitioner readiness.  In 2012, the firm was recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as the #15 "Best Company to Work For" out of over 400 surveyed organizations.

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