Our firm offers a portfolio of consulting services focused on operational formation, development, and improvement.  We also offer targeted services to investors, venture capital, and private equity firms.



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Tenon Consulting was formed in 2002 to provide management consulting services to private and public sector clients.  While we have performed numerous planning and analysis engagements, our focus has largely been on developing or reengineering technology-enabled service operations.   As deeply experienced operators and technologists, we use our skills to build operations that meet the current and long term goals of our clients.  Our hands-on approach to this work involves a process that ensures strategic alignment, thoughtful operational design, phased development, and long-term refinement and adjustment to adapt to the ever changing needs all businesses experience.  

While a large portion of our work has centered on healthcare services, we have substantial experience within the pharmaceutical, energy, defense, emergency management, and public health markets.


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